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'Open When…' Letters!

Here’s my stack! I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it was super cute and an easy way to do something special instead of just making another care package. I only sent ten this time around and I sent them in a larger manila envelope. At my post office, sending these in my own envelope was actually less expensive than sending them in one of the flat rate envelopes!

Here’s what I put in each:

Open When…

First- I explained the letters and mentioned that, knowing him, I didn’t expect him to wait to open each one. I’ll know he’ll open all of them at one time! (and then go back to each one)

You are Bored- I found a website where I could create my own word searches, crosswords, word jumbles, and hidden codes and made them all about us, our favorite things to do together, and inside jokes. I think he’ll have a lot of fun with more personalized puzzles to keep him entertained.

Mad at Me- I wrote and apology letter telling how much I loved him.

You Need a Trip Down Memory Lane - I wrote a letter telling the story of our first date and a picture of us on that date!

You Can’t Sleep - A letter telling him to think of good things and what it will be like when he comes home.

You are Feeling Under the Weather - A funny ‘get well soon’ card from the store and a packet of Emergen-C

You are Feeling Frisky - Ladies (and gents), you know how it is trying to keep the romance alive from a distance!

You are Feeling Homesick - A Florida postcard with a small note on the back and a ziplock bag with grass from my backyard!

You’ve had a Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very bad Day - An encouraging letter along with a rubber band to remind him to be flexible, a paper clip to help him keep it together, and a penny for good luck!

You Need to Know Just How Much I Love You - I put on some lipstick and filled a sheet of paper with lipstick kisses and wrote reasons why I love him on each one!

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